Ideas matter.

Joey Beachum

Marketing and Messaging Consultant

what you say matters.

When it comes to communication, messages – the key ideas and concepts you want to get across – matter. You need the right ideas, and the right words to express them, delivered in the right way to the right people at the right time.

As a marketing and messaging consultant, I help brands come up with those key messages and express them in the perfect way. I do this by helping you Know Your Customer, Know Your Company, and Know Your Competition.

Know Your Customer

Using proven qualitative and quantitative research and messaging to understand your customers and what makes them tick.

Know Your Company

Dig deep to create a communications strategy based on your key strengths, core messages, and ideal customer.

Know Your Competition

Understand how the other guys try to communicate to your audience – so you can do better.

Marketing services and deliverables to create winning strategies – and deliver results.

Strategic Messaging

Crafting messaging strategies complete with brand narratives that tell an engaging – and  persuasive – story to customers, peers, and investors


Buyer Personas

Creating profiles for your typical customers so you can tailor messages that resonate
with a certain persona

Customer Debriefs

Compiling data and insights from customers who have done business with you or your competition to see where the sale was won or lost


Pain Point Analysis

Using qualitative research to identify and rank the pressing problems your customers have that will drive their decisions


Communication SWOT

Performing a comprehensive analysis of your brand, market, or competitor’s strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, particularly focused on communication

Open Source Intelligence

Gathering actionable insights from publicly-available information about your market and target audiences, gleaned from online/offline sources

Digital Marketing Strategy

Creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that provides guidance for search, social, display, content, and other marketing disciplines and the teams that execute the strategy

New Market Analysis

Analyzing a new market location and delivering a profile to help you make informed decisions about messaging and strategy 

Differentiator Guide

Explaining how your brand can best stand out from the competition, through emphasizing your strengths and comparative advantages


Crafting the perfect copy for advertisements, articles, blogs, emails, newsletters, and more, based on your messaging strategy

Cornerstone Content

Creating in-depth, long form, publication-quality content to attract website traffic, inform readers, and drive action

Content Strategy

Creating a strategy that outlines what you’ll say and how you’ll say in the form of content either created for your brand or curated from other sources


Communications Strategy

An all-encompassing document that establishes the communications strategy for your organization 



Messaging Guide

Creating a comprehensive guide that will form the foundation of everything you communicate to a target audience 

Executive Profile

Crafting a narrative that seamlessly integrates professional achievements and personal
details to highlight executives and key personnel within your brand

Competitive Message Profile

Analyzing your competition’s messaging to uncover weaknesses that can be used in your own campaigns to counter their brand messages

Find out more about how you can deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.

about joey

A former Air Force intelligence officer, marketing consultant, public relations specialist, and aspiring author, Joey has learned how to create messages that resonate. Learn more about Joey and how he does what he does.

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